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The RV Radio Network is an ARRL affiliated association of RV enthusiasts who also share an interest in Amateur Radio. Here you will find information about rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest to the members of our club. You will also find various other Ham Radio and RV references and sources of information.

We invite all licensed Amateur Radio Operators with a General or higher class license to participate in the fellowship of our nightly net at 8:00 PM EST on 7265 KHz.

The Ladies Round Table meets Friday evenings at 7:45 on 7265 KHz.
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Updated June 12, 2015
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The 2015 Spring Rally May 14-17
Pine View Campground at Ft. McCoy, WI

The rally encompasses Armed Forces Day Saturday, May 16, which will be held at the historical site on base with a museum consisting of a company-sized block of WWII-era buildings, historical vehicle and equipment displays, and related activities such as having a dog tag made. A tour of the Post and food will be available.

More information is on the Spring Rally page.

The latest Network News Bulletin is here.

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#1345 KE5YUM Terry and Majella Hall   #1346 K2MF Barry and Dorothy Siegfried
#1347 W6RV Doug Eggers   #1348 N4NR Dennis and Sherry Dease

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Net Manager's Message     -   March 1, 2015

Hello to All!

To all you snowbirds, I hope you went to where the South is warm.

I would like to thank all you have stepped up and taken over helping with the nets. You are what makes this organization work. Hopefully, come Spring, I can check out my antenna and radio system and start helping out on the net.

Spring Rally time is sneaking up on us and I know many are making plans to attend. I am looking forward to seeing you there. Look for rally information posted elsewhere on this website.

Job opening: Deputy Net Manager

73 & 88 Pat N9JIX

Not a member of the RV Radio Network? No problem contact me for more information about membership and attending an Eyeball Rally!

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