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The RV Radio Network (RVRN) is an ARRL affiliated association of Amateur Radio Operators who share an interest Recreational Vehicles. Here you will find information about rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest to the members of our club. We invite all Amateur Radio Operators with an appropriate FCC license to participate in the RVRN 40m net on about 7264 KHz at 6:00 pm Central Time Sunday through Friday, and in our Multi-mode EchoLink net each Thursday at 8:00 PM Central Time on the *SELINK* node. Our Net Control Operators KA2HPG, AI1N, K5TGS, W8TJT, KC1M, N3YRZ, KC5MEM, and KC9OO are waiting to talk to you. And we are always looking for Alternate NCOs and relay stations, so if you would like to help out please contact our Communications Manager Fred, KA2HPG.
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Posted by N0CAL -
1-12-2023 _ 5:01 PM CST

Well hammers, time is close. Quartzfest is almost here. I will be operating a special event station during the gathering in the desert.
So keep those radios on and listen for our club callsign, WE2RV Portable 7. I will be on the club frequencie (7.264+-) except during regular net times (CDT).
TIMES OF OPERATION WILL VERY depending on event activities.
I would love to have you on the log. If you are attending the Quartzfest, please stop by and visit. Just look for the club banner at the big red, white and blue rv.

Posted by KB3BXL -
1-1-2023 _ 8:20 PM CST

Thanks for the membership 👍

Posted by WD0GUP -
1-1-2023 _ 7:24 PM CST

Thanks Calvin for relaying me into the 40 mtr net tonight.
KC1M de WD0GUP..

Posted by K4HM -
12-25-2022 _ 7:39 AM CST

Merry Christmas to all of our ham radio friends. I hope each of you are safe and warm celebrating with loved ones this time of year.

Selene and I are in Alabama with our family and extended family until after New Year when we will head to warmer weather in Florida.

My Very 73 to all,
K4HM - Hankl

Posted by N0CAL -
12-13-2022 _ 10:49 AM CST

Leaving Texas on the 27th December enroute to Arizona and Quartzfest. I will have a table with flyers for membership and upcoming club rallies/events. Please stop by and say hello.

Posted by KC9OO -
12-6-2022 _ 6:13 PM CST

Planning on heading to Quartzsite, leaving the Chicago area after the first of the year. Heading south as fast as we can to TX, then west. Hope to arrive mid January. Others traveling that time/route please give a shout. If not, see you there.

Posted by W1IK -
12-3-2022 _ 5:52 PM CST

For those planning to attend both the Spring Rally in Millersburg AND Hamvention in Xenia: Where at Caesar Creek State Park will the group be (campground loops/site number range)? I'm getting ready to make reservations, and would like to know where the group will be.

---Jim, W1IK

Posted by W1IK -
11-29-2022 _ 6:41 PM CST

I feel it's worth discussing the possible advantage to moving the nightly HF nets to 75 meters during the winter months. What say you?

---Jim, W1IK

Posted by N3FVP -
11-11-2022 _ 6:17 PM CST

De n3fvp to all vets out there thank you for your service.

Posted by W0HM -
11-10-2022 _ 7:10 PM CST

Could you please post a f
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Recent Silent Keys
KA5EDR, Bill Fater Net# 1

RVRN Founding Father
Bil Fater, Net# 1
SK - January, 31 2018

From a QRZ search, we recently learned of the passing of Bill Fater, K5EDR   Bill and his XYL Irene were members of the San Antonio TX Good Sam Chapter where In 1983 a group of ham members formed the Good Sam Hams HF net known as the Good Sam Hams. In 1986 when the net grew 150 members, too large for the chapter to support, they became a separete organization called The Good Sam RV Radio Network. The 10 chapter members who started the net became the founders of the new organizatioin and were assigned the first 10 Net Numbers.

Bill;s obituary can be found HERE.
WA4TSC, Wesley Boxwell, Net# 936
WA4TSC, Wesley Boxwell, Net# 936
October 26, 2018
We recently learned of the Oct 26, 2018 passing of Wesley Boxwell, WA4TSC.   Wes was a long time member of RVRN. He and his spouse Kathleen became members of the RV Radio Network in spring of 1998.

His obituary can be found HERE or by viewing his callsign on the website.
KD9INX, Jeffery Alsip, Net# 1470
KD9INX, Jeff Alsip, Net# 1470
October 11, 2021

Jeff was an active member in RVRN and his local club, the Yellow Thunder ARC from whom we learn of his passing.   Jeff's obituary can be found HERE
K5PRE, James (Pappy) Doughty, Net# 1217
James Doughty, Net# 1217
July, 31 2022
We recently learned of the passing of James (Pappy) Doughty, K5PRE, from QRZ.   Pappy and his XYL Cecile, WA4WT, became RVRN members in 2009 and were avid RVers until her passing in 2011.
His obituary can be found HERE.
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2023 Spring Rally May 13-17 in Berlin, OH
See Rally Information <HERE>
The Online Applicatin is <HERE>

A video of the Branson Membership Meeting
is now on the Members Only Page

There will be NO HF NET on Christmas Day
There WILL be an HF net on New Years Day.

RV Radio Network Evening HF Net
6:00 PM Central Time on Sunday - Friday
7264 KHz + or - QRM.

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Multi-Mode South East Conference Node (*SELINK*).
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FCC Resumes Processing License Applications
FCC Resumes Processing License Applications
The ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) reports that the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) electronic batch filing (EBF) system is back online and functioning normally. A message sent by the FCC ULS EBF Team to VECs explains that the technical issues with ULS EBF filing are resolved, and that VECs may resume submitting files containing amateur radio license applications. ARRL VEC has submitted most of the backlog of its files for applications processed on, or after, April 27, and expects to have all of the backlog submitted by the end of the day (May 9).
$35 Amateur Application Fee Effective April 19
FCC $35 Amateur Application Fee Effective Date Announced

The FCC released a Public Notice on March 23, 2022, stating that the amateur radio application fees, including those associated with Form 605 application filings, would become effective on April 19, 2022. The Federal Communications Commission's authority to impose and collect fees is mandated by Congress.

The $35 application fee, when it becomes effective on April 19, will apply to new, modification (upgrade and sequential call sign change), renewal, and vanity call sign applications. The fee will be per application.

Administrative updates, such as a change of name, mailing or email address, will be exempt from fees.

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FCC to Require Email Addresses on Applications

Amateur radio licensees and candidates will have to provide the FCC with an email address on applications, effective sometime in mid-2021. If no email address is included, the FCC may dismiss the application as defective.     .......
Under new Section 97.23, each license will have to show the grantee's correct name, mailing address, and email address. "The email address must be an address where the grantee can receive electronic correspondence......Revocation of the station license or suspension of the operator license may result when correspondence from the FCC is returned as undeliverable because the grantee failed to provide the correct email address."
Ref: ARRL News

Note: To add or edit your email address to your FCC information log into the ULS License Manager at, select the license to be edited, and edit if needed using the the link in the "Work on this License" box found in the right column.
New RF Exposure Rules Effective on May 3,, 2021
The FCC has announced that rule changes detailed in a lengthy 2019 Report and Order governing RF exposure standards go into effect on May 3, 2021. The new rules do not change existing RF exposure (RFE) limits but do require that stations in all services, including amateur radio, be evaluated against existing limits, unless they are exempted.
Ref: ARRL News   (News article contains important information and useful references.)
Note:   Here are some links to RF Exposure information that may be of use:
ARRL RF Exposure ARRL's coverage of this subject.
RF Exposure and You ARRL Pdf by Ed Hare, W1RF, ARRL Lab Supervisor
RF Exposure Calculator v2.2 (2021-05-07) by Paul Evans, VP9KF , Hintlink Technology.
RF Exposure Calculator from Lake Wasington Ham Club
RF Exposure Calculator Spreadseet" From Ham Radio School
FRN now required to submit Appplications
Amateur Radio Applications may no longer use your Social Security Number. As of May 20,2021 the application must include the applicants FRN number for submission. This means you must register with the FCC and get your FRN before your application can be submitted.
The FCC has provided a CORES Registration Vdeo describing the process of registering with the FCC and obtaining your FRN.

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2021 VIRTUAL Dayton/Zenia Hamvention
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#1745 W4DWS Dennis and Teresa Shoaf
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#1749 K5HDA William Patrick Vance
#1750 AA7JE Jerry Nelson
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