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The RV Radio Network is an ARRL affiliated association of RV enthusiasts who also share an interest in Amateur Radio. Here you will find information about rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest to the members of our club. We invite all Amateur Radio Operators with an appropriate FCC license to participate in our nightly net on 7265 KHz. at 7:00 PM Central Time
(15 minutes earlier in winter months.)
Our Net Contnrol Operatorss KA2HPG, KJ4TD, N0AZA, K5WWT, and K5TGS welcome you. We are always looking for Alternate NCOs. If you would like to be an alternate NCO please contact our Communications Manager - Fred, KA2HPG.
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Posted by N8GU - Bob Lewis
8-18-2019 _ 12:17 PM CDT

AMATEUR RADIO RVers NET TONITE AT 10:00PM ET. On the Quadnet Array (accessible on DMR BM TG 31012; D-Star, and Fusion. TOPIC: Mobile Antenna Installations for RVs and Tows. Please join the conversation.

Posted by N8GU - Bob Lewis
8-4-2019 _ 9:49 PM CDT

The inaugural Amateur Radio RVers Net on the QuadNet Array (DMR, DStar, and Fusion simultaneously) is now history. We had 7 hams in the conversation this evening. We will be on the air again next Sunday evening at 10:00pm ET. The topic will be about RV ham radio installations in their RVs and tow vehicles with specific mentioning of running power to the radios, coax selection, type of radio, and type of antenna. We will also address any RFI RVers have experienced. 73 and we hope to hear you on next week's net. Thanks to the admins of the QuadNet Array for letting us use their system. N8GU

Posted by KF9SU - Marshall Kiel
7-30-2019 _ 12:46 PM CDT

Jack Tatar K2WLD

Best wishes in your search for a RV. This is a great place to connect with fellow hams and learn some tips in many fields. If you have questions, ask and you will receive responses.

Marshall KF9SU

Posted by KA6SGT - Peter Bradley
7-28-2019 _ 11:43 AM CDT

Samuel Jones, AB9GH,

My first time here on the board. Did you fix the problem?
I just finished installing a new awning fabric about a week ago and found it very educational.

Peter, KA6SGT

6-30-2019 _ 4:47 PM CDT

Anyone know how to adjust the tension on RV awning? it goes about 3ft from the top and stops when you are putting it up.I can roll it on up by hand . all help would be appreciated

Posted by K4HM - Hank Montgomery
6-20-2019 19:13 EST

Hi Calvin, I heard a couple of voices that I recognized but could not hear enough to understand what they were saying. I don't know if there was an active NCS or not. Band conditions here on the east shore of Lake Michigan were terrible.
K4HM - Hank

Posted by W4QMT - Calvin Means
6-20-2019 00:27 EST

What happened to the net Wednesday 6/19? Never heard anyone.

Posted by KE0NA - David
(continued on the Members Only page.)
Read the Aug 2019 Network News <HERE>
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2019 RV Radio Network Fall Eyeball Rally
Wednesday September 11 - Saturday September 14
Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds, Superior, WI
See the 2019 Fall Rally page for UPDATED information.

From Rally Host & Network Manager Pat Ryan, N9JIX
Aug 5, 2019
Please note: You Do Not Have to be a member to attend the Rally. Please come and join us if you can, and see what we are about. We will make sure you enjoy it. Hope to see non members also to see what Amateur Radio is all about. This is an invite for non Amateur Guests to see the enjoyment of Ham Radio is. Members please encourage your friends about this. Message out to your friends.

Eddies Rib Dinner will be served at 5:30 Wednesday afternoon to those registered for the Rally. The Tour of Cirrus Aircraft will be Wednesday Sept 11/2019. Time will be announced. So if possible come in on Tuesday so you don't miss the tour. There will also be a light breakfast on Wednesday morning.
73, Pat N9JIX

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We now have an online store on the Cafe Press website where members can purchase items and apparel bearing the RV Radio Ndetwork Logo. Currently you will find polo shirts, mugs, and various magnets, and buttons but many other items can be added from the Cafe Press inventory.

Visit the RV Radio Network Shop

Click the cafe press icon at the bottom of the page to see their entire inventory. Please send requests for additional items or feedbackk to the RVRN webmaster

RV Radio Network EchoLink Net
Each Thursday at 8:00 PM Central Time.
On the W3TOM-R EchoLink Repeater.

The W3TOM Repeater is currently unavailable.
We are using the W9YT-R Backup Repeater.

We now have a weekly net available to ANY Amateur Radio Operator holding a Tecnician class or higher license. EchoLink makes it possible to participate in an "On-The-Air" radio net even if you don't have a radio. See information on this website HERE. We thank fellow RVRN member Tom, W3TOM, for supporting this net on his EchoLink repeater.


Thanks to Charlotte and Bill Kraft ‐ Pictures from the rally can be found <HERE> in a new photo album section that is currently under development.  Some pictures are unedited leaving them quite large so they may load slowly.

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