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The RV Radio Network is an ARRL affiliated association of RV enthusiasts who also share an interest in Amateur Radio. Here you will find information about rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest to the members of our club. We invite all Amateur Radio Operators with an appropriate FCC license to participate in our nightly net on 7265 KHz. at 7:00 PM Central Time
(15 minutes earlier in winter months.)
Our Net Contnrol Operatorss KA2HPG, KJ4TD, N0AZA, K5WWT, and K5TGS welcome you. We are always looking for Alternate NCOs. If you would like to be an alternate NCO please contact our Communications Manager - Fred, KA2HPG.
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2-24-2019 20:21 EST

Hi Hank----Trying to again become familiar with network
bulletin. My old pass word was still good. Thanks for info on dues. Still planning on being at rally.
73's Harry n4gjd

Posted by K4HM - Hank Montgomery
10-16-2018 13:34 EST

Hi Dan, Glad to have you on the roster! Although I hope to attend Quartzfest some day, I have not been able to get over there yet. We have a week long Christmas and New Years gathering in Birmingham Alabama each year with our 5 kids, 11 grand-kids, 2 great-grand-kids, and uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces,etc, and it is just too far for us to drive in the time left after January 2nd.

I also have used an Eagle One mounted on the back of my RV and it has performed well for me over the last 9 years.

I look forward to meeting you at a rally.
73, K4HM - Hank

Posted by KE0SSV - Dan Squier
10-11-2018 21:09 EST

Thanks for accepting my membership application. New to Ham Radio, interested in the CW end of things more so than voice. Studying for the General. Currently in Iowa, soon to be in South Texas and all across the southern tier in our Tiffin Allegro Bay.

We plan on attending the Quartzfest get-to-gether in January. Anyone else? I hope to pick some ham brains to get more efficient in using my FT 450D. I have an Eagle One mounted on the RV and what little I have used it, it seems to get better reception than my OCF dipole mounted on my back deck, up 33ft with an inverted V.

Hope to see some of you in AZ

73, KE0SSV Dan

Posted by K4HM - Hank Montgomery
7-27-2018 04:03 EST

Hello Steve and David,

I have used an Eagle
(continued on the Members Only page.)
Read a sample Network News <HERE>
2019 RV Radio Network Spring Eyeball Rally
Wed. 4/24 through Sat. 4/27 (4 nights)
Cross Winds Family Campground
160 Campground Lane, Linwood, NC 27299
Phone: (336) 853-4567

See the Spring Rally page for details.

Your Rally Hosts are Hank and Selene Montgomery.
Questions: contact Hank at

RV Radio Network EchoLink Net
Each Thursday at 8:00 PM Central Time.
On the W3TOM-R EchoLink Repeater.

We now have a weekly net available to ANY Amateur Radio Operator holding a Tecnician class or higher license. EchoLink makes it possible to participate in an "On-The-Air" radio net even if you don't have a radio. See information on this website HERE. We thank fellow RVRN member Tom, W3TOM, for supporting this net on his EchoLink repeater.


Thanks to Charlotte and Bill Kraft ‐ Pictures from the rally can be found <HERE> in a new photo album section that is currently under development.  Some pictures are unedited leaving them quite large so they may load slowly.

If you can't log in - Your dues are probably expired
Contact Marshall to restore your membership.

Welcome new RVRN members

#1423 K9GPS Lee and Mary Kissell
#1424 WW7N Jim and Jenice Johnson
#1425 WA9RUX Robert Pirkel
#1426 N0MRT Michael and Cynthia Thomas
#1427 WA2KDE Joseph and Lori Walsh
#1428 WS5B Chris and Marty Viningre
#1429 KS0CW Kevin and Catalina Schafer
#1430 N3YRZ Michelle Sack
#1431 AC3OM Osiris P Maldonado
#1432 K4XRA Paul and Sue Pannell

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