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The RV Radio Network is an ARRL affiliated association of RV enthusiasts who also share an interest in Amateur Radio. Here you will find information about rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest to the members of our club. We invite all Amateur Radio Operators with an appropriate FCC license to participate in the RVRN 40m net on about 7264 KHz at 7:00 PM Central Time Sunday through Friday, and in our EchoLink net each Thursday at 8:00 PM Central Time on the *SELINK* Conference Node. Our Net Control Operators KA2HPG, KJ4TD, AI1N, K5WWT, K5TGS, W8TJT, and W4QMT welcome you. We are always looking for Alternate NCOs. If you would like to be an alternate NCO contact our Communications Manager Fred, KA2HPG.
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Posted by N8GU -
4-11-2021 _ 9:43 AM CDT

AMATEUR RADIO RVers DIGITAL VOICE NET TONIGHT - Sunday, April 11th on the digital Quadnet Array at 9:00pm ET (01:00 UTC) - (NO Echolink access to this net*)

THE TOPIC DISCUSSION WILL BE: ASK THE EXPERTS - a few "seasoned" RVers will be participating to try to answer questions you might have about RVing.

D-STAR Smart Groups (recommended way to access the Array on D-STAR) DSTAR1 or DSTAR2
D-STAR Reflectors XRF757A, XRF735A, XLX307D and XLX049D
Brandmeister DMR Talkgroup 31012
DMR Plus talkgroup 320 (on the IPSC2-QuadNet Server)
Yaesu System Fusion 35947 (XLX307)
Wires X - Room 45058
This net meets every Sunday on the Quadnet Array at 9:00pm ET EXCEPT when the Sunday falls on a holiday or special event weekend.

*ECHOLINK - the RV Radio Network folks have an Echolink RV Net on Thursday evenings at 8 PM ET on the South East Conference Node (*SELINK*).

Posted by K4HM -
4-10-2021 _ 7:42 PM CDT

Hi Christopher, I don't think the magnets in the Magneshade system will be any problem, especially since they are stationary. There are lots of antenna installations that either use magnets in the mount, or have motors that move the magnets without causing problems.

But any antenna on the same window would interfere with the Magneshade. And if the antenna is on a different window then the magnet would not be near enough to cause problems anyway.

The through-the-glass antenna might be an issue. I have not had any personal experience with them but years ago had some friends who tried them and threw them away as useless. I have also read that for tinted windows, even a light tint in the window will block most of your VHF signal, but UHF and higher frequencies are less affected.

This could be a good question for the ARRL column - The Doctor Is In.

73, K4HM - Hank

Posted by W7IC -
4-7-2021 _ 1:40 PM CDT

Hi - I have just installed the magneshade shade system on my RV with their magnets. I was thinking of adding a through window MFJ VHF/UHF antenna was was curious is anyone has done that and how far from the shade magnets should it be? I assume a strong magnetic field would interfere with this type of ant
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May 6-9 at Elbert County Fairgrounds, Kiowa, CO.
See Spring Rally info [here]

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2021 Spring Eyeball Rally
Elbert County Fairgrounds, Kiowa, CO.

Huntsville Hamfest Camping Invitation
from RVRN Member WW7N, Jim Johnson

An Informal Gathering at the Huntsville Hamfest for those in the Southeast in August ... more

Spring 2021 Ham Bootcamp will be online via Zoom on Saturday, April 24th from 10 am – 6 pm Eastern Time. More inofrmation [HERE]
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2021 VIRTUAL Dayton/Zenia Hamvention
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