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The RV Radio Network (RVRN) is an ARRL affiliated association of Amateur Radio Operators who share an interest Recreational Vehicles. Here you will find information about rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest to the members of our club. We invite all Amateur Radio Operators with an appropriate FCC license to participate in the RVRN 40m net on about 7264 KHz at 7:00 pm Central Time Sunday through Friday, and in our Multi-mode EchoLink net each Thursday at 8:00 PM Central Time on the *SELINK* node. Our Net Control Operators KA2HPG, AI1N, K5TGS, W8TJT, KC1M, N3YRZ, KC5MEM, KC9OO and N9RIV are waiting to talk to you. And we are always looking for Alternate NCOs and relay stations, so if you would like to help out please contact our Communications Manager Fred, KA2HPG.
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Posted by NC4GP -
3-2-2023 _ 11:06 AM CST

Anyone from our group towing a Dodge Ram 2500 pickup care to share how well this vehicle tows? I am thinking of setting mine up to tow as my Chevy equinox is trying to lay down on me. It has several miles. Let me what you think.

George NC4GP

Posted by KC9OO -
2-23-2023 _ 7:09 PM CST

Just came back from six weeks on the road, half of that time spent in Quartzsite, AZ living off the grid on BLM land. Our 200 watts of solar and 50 gallon holding tank (with infrequent showers) made it possible.

I attended the Quartzsite RV show and Quartzfest and checked out a number of seminars at the show on RV electrical systems and solar setups.

While there we ran into the nomads who were the folks behind the story in the movie Nomadland. Most live full-time in their RVs which are usually converted and modified vans. When the folks found out I was a retired mechanic I went to work on a number of older rigs fixing electrical/charging problems, work I like to do.

Posted by K4HM -
2-14-2023 _ 11:10 PM CST

Another Orlando HamCation is in the books! It was great to have the RV Service Net, the RV Radio Network, and the FMCA-ARC share some happy-hours and pot-lucks. Many of those in attendance were members in more than one of these clubs and it was a great opportunity to put a face with the voices heard on the nets, and to renew acquaintances with those we see only on such occasions.

Posted by KI6HOB -
2-4-2023 _ 3:27 PM CST

Thanks Mark, N0CAL, for representing RV Radio Network in your Red, White and Blue motorhome. Hopefully we will be able to gain a number of West Coast members to the ranks.

Posted by N0CAL -
2-2-2023 _ 8:02 AM CST

Another Quartzfest goes in the books with 570+ amateurs in attendance. My RV was set up just across the drive from the registration tent. The RVRN banner was proudly displayed on the side for all to see. We were received with great interest from the west coast hams. So much so that i ran out of brochures and most of the flyers announcing our up coming rallies. Several current members gathered for a photo.
I had wanted to operate a special event station using the club callsign WE2RV Portable 7, but the RF was just too much. You could say it was an RF rich environment.
I understand there are already new members that from Quartzfest 2023. I sure hope to see more.

Posted by N0CAL -
1-12-2023 _ 5:
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Recent Silent Keys
KA5EDR, Bill Fater Net# 1

RVRN Founding Father
Bil Fater, Net# 1
SK - January, 31 2018

From a QRZ search, we recently learned of the passing of Bill Fater, K5EDR   Bill and his XYL Irene were members of the San Antonio TX Good Sam Chapter where In 1983 a group of ham members formed the Good Sam Hams HF net known as the Good Sam Hams. In 1986 when the net grew 150 members, too large for the chapter to support, they became a separete organization called The Good Sam RV Radio Network. The 10 chapter members who started the net became the founders of the new organizatioin and were assigned the first 10 Net Numbers.

Bill;s obituary can be found HERE.
WA4TSC, Wesley Boxwell, Net# 936
WA4TSC, Wesley Boxwell, Net# 936
October 26, 2018
We recently learned of the Oct 26, 2018 passing of Wesley Boxwell, WA4TSC.   Wes was a long time member of RVRN. He and his spouse Kathleen became members of the RV Radio Network in spring of 1998.

His obituary can be found HERE or by viewing his callsign on the website.
KD9INX, Jeffery Alsip, Net# 1470
KD9INX, Jeff Alsip, Net# 1470
October 11, 2021

Jeff was an active member in RVRN and his local club, the Yellow Thunder ARC from whom we learn of his passing.   Jeff's obituary can be found HERE
K5PRE, James (Pappy) Doughty, Net# 1217
James Doughty, Net# 1217
July, 31 2022
We recently learned of the passing of James (Pappy) Doughty, K5PRE, from QRZ.   Pappy and his XYL Cecile, WA4WT, became RVRN members in 2009 and were avid RVers until her passing in 2011.
His obituary can be found HERE.
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Evening HF Net Seasonal Time Change
Effective Sunday March 12, 2023
The 7264 KHz Net time moves to 7:00PM Central Time.


ATTENTION ALL RVRN MEMBERS: RVRN adopted a new constitution on February 1st. 2023 requiring our members to elect officers and directors. Nominations are now open. We need your help to continue the current growth and activity of our club. Please consider volunteering to fill an office in this first year under our new constitution and bylaws.

Please go to the Members Only page RIGHT NOW and look at the constitution and bylaws, then click the nominations link.

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Dayton HamVention

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2023 RVRN Fall Eyeball Rally
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