A farewell message from K0OHB, Wayne Ashwell, SK Aug 10, 2921
Aug 6, 2021

After spending almost the entire month of May in southern Colorado, we returned home and began playing catch-up. About two weeks later I developed pain in my abdomen and lower abdomen. After much testing, CT & PET scans and doctor appointments, the cause was found to be cancer. Then came more testing to determine exact location, cancer type and stage, treatment plan, etc. Prognosis was not great, but I was scheduled to begin chemotherapy treatment. After having a laparoscopic surgery to determine primary location, it was determined I have stage 4 cancer of the omentum and peritoneum. At this point we discussed chemotherapy or immunotherapy, but doctor stated the side effects would be great, not sure if I could tolerate the treatments and also that the treatment may not be much of a benefit in the long run. At this point, my pain was increasing and I chose to go home from the hospital and not pursue any life prolonging measures. At this time, I have been at home for almost a week on home hospice.

By now, most of you are aware of my situation, but just wanted to make sure that the information reached everyone in case we had accidentally left someone out. I have special thoughts of each of you. Some of you are close friends and/or people I have worked with through various organizations, but whether you were a close friend, fellow alumni, or regardless of how I knew you, I just wanted to let you know how much your friendship has meant to me.

Wayne Ashwell