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EchoLink Coming to The RV Radio Network

During the membership meeting at the fall 2018 Eyeball Rally there was a discussion of trying a weekly RV Radio Network net on an EchoLink repeater. EchoLink repeaters are connected to the internet and can be accessed either from a local radio, or by using EchoLink software on a Windows PC, an Android mobile device or iPhone. Regardless of the access method you use, your voice is transmited over the the internet and on the repeater hosting the net, so a Technician License or higher is required.

This EchoLink net will be in addition to, and intended as a supplement to the HF net. Some of the advantages discussed included: After some discussion it was decided to try a weekly EchoLink net on Thursday evenings after the HF net. An email would be sent to the membership asking for preference for day of week and time for the net and if Thursday turned out to be a problem we could change the day and time to whatever the members desired. That email was sent out in mid October and response indicated that most members were amenable to 8:00 PM Central time on Thursday. RVRN member W3TOM, Tom Abernethy, has graciously offered the use of his EchoLink repeater for our net. We will be testing the repeater at 8:00 PM Central time on Tursday evenings starting December 13th, and the first "official" net will be on Thursday January 3rd.

As part of the testing phase we will discuss how the net will operate, what our purpose is, what goals we have, etc. Like most ham radio nets, you do not have to be a member to participate. This applies to the testing phase as well, so if you are available please join us, and if you know other hams who would be interested - please invite them to participate.

I have uploaded a step-by-step EchoLink Installation Guide to help you download and install the software to access EchoLink from a PC. You will need to download an "Official Copy" of your license in order to get authorization to use the EchoLink network. The installation guide will walk you through that process as well - it is quick and easy if you have previously registered with FCC/ULS. If you have not registered you sould do so now even if you do not intend to use EcoLink.

Please contact me if you have any questions or difficulty getting set up for EchoLink. I am by no means an expert, but if I don't know the answer I will get an answer for you.

K4HM - Hank
Phone: 919-818-7455