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Let's Rally at Osseo, WI
RV Radio Network 2018 Fall Rally
September 7 - 11 (4 nights)

Stoney Creek RV Resort
50483 Oak Grove Road, Osseo, WI 54758
Phone: 1-715-597-2102

Make reservations directly with RV Park
Please notify Pat - N9JIX when you make your reservation.
When regisgtering use Promo Code: SCHOOLSPECIAL
Click here for a table of camping rates

Get the Rally Application --> HERE

June 9th. Update from the Rally Host, Pat - N9JIX

We will have Geo Caching, Flea market with Book, Craft Sale. Also talks pertaining to radios and maybe others. Breaskfasts - Pancake ,Bisquits and Sauage Gravy. I am still working on other events like an evening meal. This is still in planning of course and subject to changes if needed. We will do our best to make this another Great Rally as all others have been. I look forward to seeing everyone that can attend.

73 Safe Travels

For more Fall Rally information email Pat - N9JIX