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2018 RV Radio Network Spring Eyeball Rally Information
Rally Application is   -->HERE<--    Send it in today!

Dates: Thursday Feb 8 - Saturday Feb 10, 2018.     ( Early Bird Day Wednesday )
Location: HamCation,   Central Florida Fairgrounds, 4603 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando FL

The 2018 Spring Eyeball Rally will piggy back the Orlando HamCation, the second largest hamfest hamfest in the USA. We will have the opportunity to share the hamfest with members of several other RV/Ham clubs and make or renew acquaintence with friends we hear on the various RV nets.

You must purchase a hamfest ticket to be on the grounds.
You must pay for an RV site in order to camp at the fairgrounds.
You must pay for an RV tailgate space if you plan to sell from your RV.
You must complete your RVRN Rally Appplication DO IT TODAY!
  • The fairgrounds camping area is scheduled to open at 2:00 PM Wednesday Feb 7th.
    RV sites are assigned “First Come - First Served” so Many RVs will queue up early on Wednesday in the grassy field on the east side of the main entrance on Colonial Drive (HWY 50).
  • Wednesday is Early Bird Day - we will have Happy Hour (possible spur of the moment activities.)
  • Our rally activities will begin on Thursday Feb. 8 and include dinner meeting at Golden Coral private room.
  • HamCation doors open at 9:00 AM on Friday Feb 9.
  • We will try to schedule our events outside of hamfest hours so you can enjoy HamCation.

Ordering Tickets and RV space

The easiest way to pre-register is to download the form at You can order tickets and RV space uising this simple form. I suggest you mark WILL CALL on the form and it will be ready at the RV Entry Gate when you arrive. (We have also been given permission to add Sunday to the RV reservation of the form and pay for an extra night so we can leave on Monday Morning after the rush.)

Where to park

The download page for the registration form also includes a small map of the fairgrounds but here is an updated version with the entrance and shore power posts marked in yellow. At the southwest (bottom left) corner of the map you will see a section of rows. This is a commercial flea market - not part of the hamfest. North of the commercial flea mareket you will see a yellow M designating the restroom. We will try to park as a group in the area between the commercial flea market and the restroom.
There are half a dozen water and elecric hookup sites scattered in that area. We will need to cluster around those hookups and share water and electric. Try to park so the hookup is at the corner of your rv rather than at the side - that way the first 4 RVs will have easy access to the water and electric. If you are too late to get right next to the hookups you will need to run a longer hose and possibly an extension cord. There are usually some "Y" water adapters to help with running shared water lines at a distance.

Stay tuned for updated information.
73, K4HM - Hank
Phone: 919-818-7455